Business Game

PLAY a GAME and LEARN Financial Concepts…..

Yes, you read that right! You play a game and in the process learn key financial concepts. A win-win situation indeed!

Using games to teach and learn is the rage these days. Considering that learning can be considered quite a drudgery, it is fitting that an environment of fun is built around it. More and more research and findings have more or less confirmed the fact that the brain learns and retains more when it is relaxed. Games bring in an element of fun and enjoyment serving to relax the brain and enhance learning and comprehension.

Well, we are bringing this tried and tested approach to learning and understanding hotel and restaurant financial analysis.

As a child, you are familiar with the game of monopoly – the dice game of personal fortunes. We are introducing an approach similar to the monopoly game but tailored to teach financial concepts for the hotel and restaurant industry.  Through the use of Business Game Cards of different types and holding different information, you can do all of the following:

  • Manage a hotel for a period, earn revenues, incur expenses, hire employees and earn profits
  • Run a restaurant operation of a particular size, serve food and beverage, have menus, earn revenues, incur expenses and turn in a profit
  • Use a sum of money as Hotel Investment to renovate your hotel

These are just a few possibilities. And these simulations bring in powerful revenue related concepts like yield management, managing hotel room inventory, restaurant table turnover and so on.

Here is a specimen Business Card which will be used during a Hotel Business Game simulation.

Restaurant Business Game Card

Watch this space for updates and more details on how the Hotel and Restaurant Business Game idea will develop.