Live 2 Day Learning Events

We teach and train non-financial managers to become finance savvy business managers who can take powerful, informed decisions and Optimize Profits in their operation.

How do we do it?

3 Special Benefits

SIMPLE – Our courses and workshops are jargon free and easy to understand. Financial concepts are not rocket science!

VISUAL – Our courses use images, shapes, color, video and audio to enhance retention of learning. You will remember your learning long after you have completed the course. You would like that, won’t you?

USABLE – Our courses provide you knowledge that you can use in your operation. Dale Carnegie said: The power of knowledge is in its application. We will share techniques that you can apply in your operation.

E-Mail me at or call me at 201 253 5000 (US Cell No) on how I can add value to your organization. I will ensure it will be worth your while. In any case let us connect and exchange thoughts.

Specialities: 2 Day Workshop series on Optimizing Hotel Profits. The entire series is written from the perspective of an Operational and Functional (non-financial) manager;


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